Gene name

    When searchning for a particular gene in any of the salmonids species hosted in salmobase using gene name or gene ID, ou can come across three formats:

    label gene name (gene ID) e.g vgll4 (LOC106583781), in this case the gene name exists already (vgll4) and the gene ID (LOC106583781) is placed between parenthesis as unique identifier.

    label gene ID (gene name) e.g LOC115149983 (vgll4), in this case the gene name (vgll4) is not indicated for that particular gene ID (LOC115149983) but is inferred thanks to the synteny data.

    label gene ID ( gene name1, gene name2) e.g LOC110537380 (rn121, rnf121). As there are more than one gene name "versions" (rn121, rnf121) inferred using the synteny data for gene ID LOC110537380, we decided to indicate both versions. The similarity between gene names is computed using the Jaro-winkler algorithm.